Hi, I am Wilma Wyrick, the president of EverClean Professional Cleaning.
I know how important it is to have your facility as clean as it can be. First impressions are very important for potential clients and valued customers.

Are you totally satisfied with your current cleaning service?
Before I started EverClean Professional Cleaning, I worked for 10 years as an interior plantscape technician. I dealt with many businesses and noticed many of the buildings were not as clean as they should have been. I began doing research in commercial cleaning and found that there was a demand for good cleaning services.

My job is to see that your company looks good!
If a cleaning service doesn't do that, they have failed to do their job. I started Everclean Pro Cleaning in 1996. In that time I have had good growth because I care about my clients and am dedicated to providing excellent service.
When I started this business, I made a commitment to serve. If there are complaints or special requests, they are handled in a timely manner.

EverClean Pro Cleaning, Inc. President: Wilma Wyrick
Cincinnati office phone number: (513) 521-1323
Cincinnati office fax number: (513) 522-0097
E-mail address: wilma@evercleanprocleaning.com

Wilma Wyrick is a member of the Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce.
EverClean Pro Cleaning Inc. is a fully bonded and insured licensed Ohio business.

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